Japanese girls ~ through my personal witness

First thing first, I have to confess that I am a hell of a lucky girl. Despite being toooo clumsy, careless, having a “Nory brain” (any negative adjectives are all possibly true to me hahaaa), my life seems like a bed of roses to some extent. I had a smooth 16-year of student life and got a good job right after my graduation. Even though at that time I didn’t have a clear picture of what company was like, or what type of job I would do, etc, I just “go with the flow”. However, when looking back, I realized that having opportunity to work at Uniqlo was one of the best things has ever happened to me. I had chances to do things I had never ever imagined before (or it might take a veryyy long time to make it happened). It also opened doors to countless opportunities that I have to be thankful for. It might take me a whole day to talk about Japan and Uniqlo hahaaa, so I will skip these parts and get straight to the topic I wanna share today. It’s about Japanese women ~ through my eyes after 3 times visiting Japan (all are sponsored by my company :xx)

Nikko – Sep 2015

1, Japanese women are masters in wearing high-heels.  I witnessed many girls wearing up to 10cm-heels while walking, climbing stairs ups and downs in the metro with an incredible speed. I even felt that some walking faster than me wearing flat shoes haha.

2, 99% Japanese women make up before going out. Honestly, it should be 100% (I prefer saying 99% to make it less extreme haha) as I have never seen anyone showing off their bear faces in public (including metro, shops, offices or even parks – when they’re doing morning exercises). For office staffs, make-up is a must, or in another word, it’s a type of “working manner”. Make-up means paying respect to people you meet.

3, Japanese make-up: Japanese people have small eyes, thus they focus on improving this disadvantage (by marking eyeliner, using false eyelashes, contact lens, etc). I once read that Japan ranked world’s No. 1 in consuming false eyelashes.  In addition, the Japanese are fond of Kawaii style, therefore girls often powder their cheeks with pink (some’s are blossoming indeed haha), color their lips with lip gloss or light pink lipsticks. Personally, whenever looking at this make-up type, the image of clowns pops up in my head :”>

Try to decorate our eyes with eyeliner – Yokohama – Mar 2014

4, The Japanese in general and Japanese girls in particular have slim body (Japan has lowest obesity rate in the world). Besides having a healthy diet, the fact that the Japanese have to walk a lot plays an important role in keeping their body fit. The most common mean of transportation in this country is train. However, moving within the metro requires lots of movement for body (walking and climbing stairs ups and downs, or walking from the station to the office, etc). Therefore, a huge amount of calories is burned owing to these activities.

5, As a result of too much walking, many Japanese girls encounter big legs. Inside convenient stores, drug stores, there’re lots of functional socks which help to burn fat in the legs are displayed (approximately 1500 JPY per pairs).

How to use: Very simple, just wear them at night (after cleaning your body). And you’ll have slimmer legs when walking up the next day. I bought 2 pairs of this type (picture below) and wore them every night for nearly 6 months, but unfortunately I couldn’t see any significant change T__T


6, When I worked at Uniqlo, I was in charge of inner items (including W’s and M’s underwear, W’s leggings and all socks’ items). In Vietnam, people usually wear low-heel socks, even under very cold weather, we still prefer socks which are just up to ankles. Hardly can I see those wearing up to knees. In contrast, Japanese people are fond of high socks regardless of the weather (they even combine with ballerina flats/ moccasins). As my personal experience, many people, especially students, usually wear socks up to knees, together with short skirts. If you apply that kind of combination in Vietnam, you should be prepared as people would think that you’re insane or have no sense of fashion :p.

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