Triple Two Silom Review: Great hotel for Bangkok travelers

When I was in my previous company, due to nature of work, I needed to travel to Thailand every month. Whenever I come to Bangkok, I always stay at Triple Two Silom. There were times when I showed up, the staff there told “Welcome back” to me, making me feel like I was coming home.

Below are my comments after (may be) +30 times staying at this hotel.

Things I like:

  • The hotel room is wide and tidy. There’s a small basket of fruits for guests. Actually when you enter the hotel lobby, you’ll see two big baskets of fruits, one of them must be apple haha. They’re very delicious, I’m sure.
  • Wifi is free and connection is stable (very big plus for this one)
  • Breakfast is delicious. To be honest, I’ve been to many hotels, but this one serves the best breakfast. Even though there’re not many selections of food, but the food itself is good.
  • Location: very central. It takes about 5 minutes from there to Silom complex (cost ~ 50 bath). Or you can walk there if you have time, which takes ~30 minutes. There’s night market close to Silom Complex, where you can buy everything at good price.
  • The staff there are very nice and can speak both English and Japanese
  • Gym and swimming: Actually the fitness area is located in Nara hotel which is next to TTS hotel (Nara and TTS belong to the same corporation).
  • Yearly coupon: Pls  don’t forget to show the coupon to the receptionist for stamping every time you check-out. 10 stamps equal to 1 free night (max for 2 ppl) and you could use this free night within that year. The interesting thing is that I can’t use my 1 free night as I changed job and could not travel to Thailand within this year,  so the hotel manager made an exception by letting me use that coupon next yearrrrr. I’m so thankful for that.

Things I dont like:

  • Almost every time I enter the room, I feel extremely cold because the temperature in the room is set very low
  • Breakfast opens quite late (6:30). I wish it opens earlier, let say 6:00 because I get up very early in the morning.
  • No nylon bag: Sometimes I need the bags to put my used clothes but I cant find it.

The price for 1 night (double/twin bed) is 2.800 THB. This is corporate price as my partner client had booked this hotel many times.

Hotel’s official website:

Review in Trip Advisor:

Bathroom – very clean
Bedroom with clean blanket and pillows, equipped with TV, chair and working desk
Dining room ~ Breakfast
Last Xmas at Triple Two Silom Bangkok

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