Furama Chiang Mai hotel – the most disappointed 4-star hotel

I used to stay at Furama hotel when I had business trips to Chiang Mai. It is located near my partner factory member’s apartment, so he kept booking room for me at this hotel.

After around 4 times suffering here, I could not be more patient and asked for changing to another place.

Honestly, this Furama hotel has good potential but the general experience is a disappointment!

Below are pros and cons of this hotel that you can refer to when taking into consideration of staying there.

Good points:

  • Furama is a very prestige brand name and has variety of hotel and service around the world. I know there’re other Furama in Bangkok, Danang, etc. Haven’t tried other places yet so don’t wanna put a label on the whole brand while looking at one aspect only.
  • Location: about 30mins from airport and very close to Maya shopping mall and the night market area
  • There’s bar on the rooftop which has very good food and music and provides great view of the whole town

Bad points:

  • Even though I stayed there 4-5 times, the hotel didn’t record my profile. Every time I checked-in, I had to fill in the form, showed my passport and credit card to the receptionists (Actually I don’t have to repeat these actions when I am frequent user at other hotels)
  • When I checked-in, receptionist gave me 2 cards/keys: one for elevator and one for room. The one for elevator sometimes doesn’t work. The key for room is a traditional one (not the electric one) ~ felt a bit surprised as a modern hotel still uses this kind of key.
  • The room is big but toilet always scared me. One time there was hair inside toilet bowl and I had to request hotel for changing room. The bath tub looked like it hadn’t been used for ages…
  • Breakfast is not diversified, almost the same every time I ate. The food was like designated only for Chinese people
  • There’re lots of noisy Chinese staying at this hotel (don’t know why this place is so popular among the Chinese). They’re very noisy, especially the morning time when they gather in dining room for breakfast and main hall waiting for car pick-up

I don’t have any photos as I don’t have habit of taking photos while travelling, especially inside hotel haha. But you can find numerous pics if google it.

By the way, if you are in Bangkok and search for accommodation, don’t forget to take a look at Triple two silom hotel. Great hotel for travelers, especially businessmen.

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