Why do I love Bangkok?

I’ve been lucky to have opportunities to come to Thailand 50+ times (most of them are funded ^.^). Many people might guess it’d be boring if going to the same place over and over again, however it’s not applicable in this case. My heart is still pumping hard every time the flight lands, my eyes are still opening wide capturing every movements of Thailand colorful cars and my legs are still keeping walking on and on as far as I can to not miss any fun in the city.

Here are 7 reasons why Bangkok takes my heart away:

7, Triple Two Silom hotel

When I was employed by my previous company, I traveled to Thailand monthly for business trip. Whenever staying in Bangkok, I chose TTS hotel as my nest. The hotel is located in Silom street which is very central and easy to reach BTS (Chong Nonsi, Sala Daeng), Shopping mall (Silom Complex) and night market (near Silom Complex).

Facilities and service are great. Rooms are large and clean, fruits and water are provided. Breakfast is exceptionally delicious (probably because the food is edible to me haha). Besides, hotel has earn-points card for its customers: Every 1-night will get 1 stamp and 10 stamps equal to 1 free night.

I’ve been staying here a number of time, so the staffs remember my face. Sometimes they said “Welcome back” to me every time I checked-in, making me feel like I’m coming home.

I wrote an article about my experience of staying at this hotel. You can check out for more detailed at Triple Two Silom – Great hotel for Bangkok travelers

Official website of the hotel: http://www.tripletwosilom.com/

6, Pocky, pocky, pocky are everywhere

It’s not exaggerate to say Thailand is heaven of pocky (probably behind only Japan). For those who are fond of sweet snacks (like me), here is your paradiseeee. The common flavor s(chocolate, strawberry, green tea) could be found in ordinary supermarket in my home country, but the uncommon ones, like choco-banana (ughhh this one is a real deal), blueberry (another highly recommended one), cookie & cream, mango, tom yum, etc are not available in Vietnam.

If you love someone, buy him/her this pocky. It’s the best flavorrrrr ❤

There are 2 main types of pocky: sweet and sour. So for those don’t like sweet flavor, you still have other options (pizza, larb, tom yum, corn taste, etc).

5, Banana cake

Those who’ve been to Japan will definitely fall for Tokyo Banana. Just one bite could melt your heart away.

The left is traditional one, the right is mixed with chocolate. Personally I prefer the former.

Those who can’t frequently visit Japan could have a much better option: Thailand banana cake!!! The taste is exactly the same (At first I assumed this Thai imitated Tokyo one) and price is way cheaper (one piece cost 12 baht –  abt 30 cent while the Tokyo Banana costs uhmmm I don’t remember but without a doubt not this price haha)

4, Thai food

Thailand is probably the heaven for food lovers. Hardly could I find a dish that I don’t like or don’t want to try again. No matter what and where you eat, from a small street food stall on the street side to a big fancy restaurant, be prepared to deal with mouthwatering meals

3, The markets

Once you’re in Bangkok, don’t forget to arrange your time to be at Chatuchak market. This is probably the most famous market in the city where you can buy EVERYTHING (from accessories, clothes to household equipment and traditional medicine) with unbelievably cheap price. The market opens on weekend from 9am till night. Be there early, so you could avoid the crowd.

In addition, night market is an experience I don’t want to miss. As most of my stay in Bangkok was in Silom area, Silom night market is my most frequent visited market. There’re numerous shops with various products (soap, keychain, clothes, accessory, sex toys, etc). Though the goods’ already cheap, don’t hesitate to bargain for even a better deal.

I bought this Thailand shirt at Silom night market at aroung 150 baht

2, Temples

It would be a miss if going to Thailand without visiting temples. As you might know, the main religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism, be sure to wear proper clothes before  entering into the sacred places.

In Wat Phra Kaew

1, People

Admittedly, the most important reason to lock one’s heart to a land isn’t simply its scenery/ food/ … itself but the people involved. I’ve been travelling back and forth to Bangkok numerous times during the last 3 years and those I’ve been lucky to work and be friends with are the reason that keeps me coming back again and again. I really see me growing up as a better person during the last years ~ thanks to them.

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