30 facts about me

Welcome to ngao’s little world. Here are the keys to our friendship creation ❤

1, Cat or dog?

Definitely cat though I love dog too. My nickname “ngao ngao” routes from my former cat’s name.

2, How many countries have you been to?

16 countries up till now: Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, France, Italia, Netherlands, Belgium, Vatican, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam (haha)

Thailand is the most frequent visited country with 50++ times, followed by India (6), China (4), Japan (3), Cambodia (3), Malaysia (3), Singapore (3)…. I’m trying to visit at least 1 new country every year.

3, What’s your favorite country and city?

I’d pick Thailand and Bangkok.  Though many people might say there’re not many things to do and see in Thailand, it’s still my sweetheart. For me, Thailand is not just only a country, it is the second home.

And here are the reasons Why do I love Bangkok?

4, Introvert or extrovert?

The mixture of both, but more towards introvert.  Ambivert could be a suitable word.

5, Can you swim?

I’ve tried to learn several times but failed. Honestly I’m not good at sport ughhhh, the one that suits me most is probably jogging.

6, Who’s your favorite actress?

Rachel McAdams. She’s great in every movie, especially “The Notebook”

7, Favorite lipstick?

#13 YSL. I wrote an article just to praise this one.

8, What’s your favorite color?

Blue all the way. The next two would be black and white

9, 3 adjectives that best describe yourself?

Decisive, independent and nontalkative

10, Favorite milk tea in HCMC?

Hong Kong milk tea, in Cafe Central, Sunwah Tower (though the price is a bit expensive 110k/cup haha)

11, What’s your favorite clothing brand?

Of course UNIQLO. Half of my wardrobe belongs to UNIQLO.

12, Do you have any celebrity crush?

 I do have. He’s Steven Gerrard

13, Why do I started writing blog?

Simply to capture my life. I don’t have a good memory, so it’s better to capture the moments in words

14, Favorite snack?

It’s hard to select, but I’d pick Pocky (choco-banana flavour) and Milo (powder). I like eating Milo mixed with yogurt :”>

15, Do you like eating vegetable?

Nope, I don’t.

16, What’s the most important characteristic of your ideal partner?

Uhmm it’s hard to point out just ONE single characteristic. I’d say kindness, generous and ambition. Without these mutual values, we can’t get far.

17, Do you want to live oversea?

I used to look for a job in Japan. But I gave up :))

18, The restaurant in HCMC that you will suggest your friends to go there?

Baby Spoon is my favourite one. It’s the mixture of Japanese and Italian. Though I’m not a fan of Japanese cuisine, I have to admit that this restaurant does a great job in making me change my mind. Don’t forget to try Tuna Omu & Sauce Teriyaki Mayonnaise. It’s the best!!

19, Are you a party gal?

Nah, I’m not a night person. I prefer a quiet coffee shop/ bakery with my close friends than a noisy bar/nightclub or a 100-participant pool party.

20, Favorite cuisine?

Thailand and Korean hehe.

Mango with sticky rice ~~ so yummy

21, Are you a facebook – addict?

I’m not :). Though I check everyday :p

22, What are your favourite songs?

My preference is time-varying parameter haha, but there are songs that are always on my phone (even though some of them aren’t listened often nowadays):

  • Casablanca – Bertie Higgins
  • Pump it – Black Eyed Peas
  • Sound of silence – Richard Clayderman
  • Tong Hua – Guang Liang
  • Deng Ni Xia Ke (Waiting for you) – Jay Chou

I’m such a traditional person!!

23, Are you a shopaholic?

Haha (un)luckily I’m not. I am not interested in buying new clothes, accessories, whatsoever haha. Maybe working at an apparel company for so long makes me loose the interest.

24, Do you have any special talent?

I have some, but not sure they can be considered as talents 😉

  • I remember others’ birthday very well (without any note or reminder from facebook)
  • I can guess others’ phone password (be careful)
  • I can whistle songs (plssss don’t get this the wrong way lol)
  • I can travel alone (and be totally fine and enjoy the journey)

25, The proudest thing you’ve ever done?

Co-established Go India and organized trips to India.

Go India Official Page: Go India – Tour Ấn Độ giá rẻ

Saw reviews of my customers in Mọi người nói gì về Go India

26, What’s your favourite perfume?

I love Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger, though it vapours fast huhu. I don’t like any fragrant relating to Cherry Blossoms regardless of brand.

27, Is there any fruit that you cannot eat?

Yes, they’re dragon fruit and durian :))

28, Do you have any pet?

One cat (Milk Tea) and once dog (Bong Bong)

29, If there’s one thing in your face that you want to fix, what’s it?

My eyes, because the size of the left and right one is not equal. Haha.

30, Do you like make-up?

I do like, actually I love watching makeup video tutorials on Youtube. However, basically I don’t makeup as I want to be as simple as possible, sunscreen and lipstick are enough for me. I just wear makeup in special occasions.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Not good at sport, eventually found yourself owner of Hanoikids Sport Thread =)))))

    Số lượt thích

    1. thisisngao nói:

      Loll i don’t even remember haha :))))). Sporting spirit is thing that matters =))

      Số lượt thích

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