China & yesterday once more

Wowww it’s been 3 years!!! In recent days, Facebook constantly reminded me the training course in China which was taken place exact 3 yrs ago. It’d be one of the best memories I’ve had with my little F3 family. Sometimes I just wish if only life could be that simple: Wake up early to have a morning walk around hotel garden, go to “school” at 8:00, lunch at 12:00, dinner at 5:00 and night-time is for self-study, or group work, or karaoke,… whatever haha. Smb just said it doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, the most important thing is who’s with you. It’s so damn trueeeee. Lucky that I experienced these things with these friends. So I just leave the photos here as pictures speak louder than words haha.

thisisngao 1
Arrived at TSN airport and ready to check-in :))
thisisngao 2
Each of us has our own hotel room. This gal is too afraid to stay alone, so she’s with me :))
thisisngao 3
Ready for welcome dinner
thisisngao 4
After 1st lesson, we went to the lake near hotel
thisisngao 5
Everyone looked so innocent and “countryside” =)))
thisisngao 6
Who says study isn’t fun :)))
thisisngao 7
On the bus to “school”, #chubbycheeks
thisisngao 8
Meet the two blondies
thisisngao 9
Karaoke night. This’s the best night in China!!!
thisisngao 10
23-yr old us
thisisngao 11
Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese ❤
thisisngao 13
My first “made-by-me” shirt. I gave it to my dad but it’s too small for him :)))))))))). Don’t know where it is now haha
thisisngao 12
The champion
thisisngao 14
Friends from FRSH
thisisngao 18
UNIQLO Flagship store
thisisngao 15
Shanghai wouldn’t be fun without you
thisisngao 16
The bund!!!
thisisngao 21
Must-visit spot in Shanghai
thisisngao 22
What a great view to the Oriental Pearl ❤

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