Sum up my 2017 (from a to zzz)

Early this year I wrote a note about my resolutions in 2017. I set it in privacy mode so only me can see what are they haha. Now it’s December, it’s time to look back and see how I have been doing during the last (almost) 365 days.

The original note was written in black in early Jan. Comment is in blue ~

I’ve already set the very first steps to achieve 9 below resolutions:


1. Go to Thailand ~ in Feb

I’ve been to Thailand up to 50 times and never get tired of this country. I will come back at the end of Feb.

How to do: Tickets have been booked hehe.

=> Done. Actually I came to Thailand twice (1st was in Feb and 2nd was in Nov). 

Memory of Feb trip is hereeee and below is some photos from my Nov trip. For more details:

2. Go to India ~ in Apr & May

I heard many bad things about this country: dirty, poor, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. But India is a country which is rich in culture and seems to be a wholy different world to me. I’m excited to discover India and have been reading a lot recently to prepare for the trip

How to do: Tickets were just booked today haha ~ the very first step of the journey

=> Done. Haha and actually I came twice too.

The Apr-May trip is purely for vacation. This trip was a turning point of my life, which inspires me to come up with 2nd trip and brings me many new and unique ideas, and exciting experiences that I cannot be thankful enough.

Read my travel diaries and thoughts on India via

3. Read at least 2 books every month

When I was small, I read a lot. Whenever I had money, I always spent it on buying books. I still remember exactly how excited I was when coming to the book store to buy my favorite books I’d been longing for (I saved money by quitting breakfast haha).

I hate myself for admitting that I am lazy. The fucking truth is I haven’t completely read any full books for the last 3 months.

How to do: I’ve ordered 7 books below, will read for the first 7 months. Pls give me suggestions for the rest.

  • Namaska! Xin chào Ấn Độ (I will definately finish it before visiting India)
  • Tuổi trẻ đáng giá bao nhiêu
  • Quẩy gánh băng đồng ra thế giới
  • Vũ trụ trong vỏ hạt dẻ
  • Không gia đình
  • Quốc gia khởi nghiệp
  • Con đường hồi giáo
  • Đắc nhân tâm (I read this one twice, but I feel that I need to re-read it for practical purpose)

=> Fail. I did keep this promise for the first 3 months, then lost the habit of frequent reading. 

4. Focus on working

To be honest, I am not really into my current job. But I still need it for the sake of money to fulfill my other needs

How to do:

  • Focus 100% to finish the tasks in the minimum amount of time
  • Read the Working Instruction and other working documents when I have idle time => Avoid asking stupid question
  • Create good relationship with factory and buyers (email nicely, frequent phone calls, etc)

=> I changed job in middle of the year. Not want to talk about my current job, just promise to myself that I will not let anyone harm or make fun of me.

5. Look for new opportunity

How to do:

  • Already completed my CV, make use of linkedin :3
  • Look for headhunter, will do it after completing this note huhu

=> done, changed job in June

  • Seek for collaboration with travel/hospitality agents to write reviews

=> Collaborated with one company. Though income from this is insignificant, I am surprised that still there’s someone find my blog useful and I can actually make money on it haha. I haven’t accepted any new collaboration after that yet. I want to input more value on the notes first 🙂

  • Teach English or any other subject for students, as long as money can be earned

=> haha so funny. Haven’t done anything relating to teaching.

6. Visit parents

I plan to visit home at least 3 times per year. One for lunar new year, the other two might fall on June~July and Oct-Nov

How to do: Will book tickets immediately as long as there’s promotion. Budget for each round trip is 1mil VND

=> Fail. This year I went home once in Jan and the other will be mid-Dec.

Actually I flied to Hanoi twice in Mar and once in Sep but due to time limitation, I can’t go home.

7. Learn new things, do meaningful things, spend less time on bullshit things

The best feeling is that I always feel I learn something new everyday. Therefore I will try to make use of my time

How to do:

  • Learn Japanese by listening on Youtube and app on my Iphone (1 hour/day) => Fail. Haha I quitted learning Japanese almost after writing the resolution note.
  • Review Minna no Nihongo II again (1 lesson/day). Will finish by February, start tonight => Fail
  • Share things that I’ve experienced on facebook (food, books, cosmetics, etc). Sharing makes me feel that I do the good things for others hahahaha => Fail. Instead I share on this blog. Sometimes I do share on facebook but not frequently.
  • Spend less time on social media. Of course reading these shits might make me less stressful sometimes, but spending too much time digging other people’s lives makes me miserable and more importantly, it brings no added value to my life => Actually not reduce time on social media but utilize it in a more effective way.
  • Learn about wordpress (read from other bloggers, youtubers,…) => Not say that I’m mastering wordpress but I can utilize it quite well. Still need to make use of it more effectively. 
  • Learn English (my English has been deprived recently) =>My English is not becoming better :((

8. A boyfriend?!

I can do everything on my own and I’ve been doing it well so far, but having someone who sympathizes and corrects my mistakes, encourages me with things I do, and is happy to join the journey with me would definitely much better. Of course I’m not that kind of needy person who easily fall for a randomly shitty man. Finding the correct one could be difficult and time-consuming, but it’ll be better than wasting time with the wrong person.

How to do: I will figure out haha, may be I’ll be more open by joining public events, travel more, etc. I don’t know. If he’s the one, he’ll come.

=> I prefer to keep this personally 🙂

9. Be a better me

I heard lots of bad comments about myself (I am really thankful to those who are willing to say the truth on my face). Trust me, I am doing this not to please anyone. I am doing because I feel the urge to change 🙂

How to do:

  • Be humble: listening more, talk less about myself (only say it out loud when I have any achievement) => It’s interesting that if I have a plan, keep it secret (even to people I’m close with), plan will work out. If I say it out before plan is turned into action, I’ll fail. Better to silent till things are very well-prepared.
  • Make the best of myself: Honestly I have lots of skills which haven’t been effectively utilized yet. I will not be ashamed to do anything, as long as it creates money => I admitted that sometimes I’m very irresponsible and stubborn. I’ve made many people get mad and disappointed in me this year. One thing that I really need to learn in the upcoming year is focusing. Losing focus sometimes makes me look like an idiot. On the other hand, I also did somethings new that I had never tried before and got little success.
  • Take a good care of my skin: I feel very proud of having a healthy face skin. I haven’t had any acne for years hehe. => Did very well haha
  • Get rid of procrastination: I can’t remember how many times I’ve missed great opportunities due to this shitty characteristic. When my mind is set on something, I will do it without any reluctant!! => Improved a lot!
  • Be healthy: Currently I’m doing fitness at CFYC, but the card will expire at the end of this month. I’ll not continue practicing at this place, but will self-train by running/jogging around my neighbor and play badminton with friends instead. => No gym, no jogging, no badminton for months!

Talking about procrastination: there’re 2 decisions I made so quick: one is the India trip departed on Oct-28 and one is Singapore trip with my BFF in July. The idea about India trip was popped on our mind while Mai and I were having dinner, then we immediately talked about it seriously and decided to do without any hesitation on the same date. It’s so challenging, yet so tempting too <3. 

And the Singapore trip was made in 15 minutes. Me and my BFF were talking on phone how boring our lives is and how long we hadn’t had any vacation yet. Then we decided to fly to Singapore for a weekend getaway only 3 weeks after that talk. We really had  a quality time in this beautiful country. Blog on Singapore trip can be found in here:

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  1. alalamind nói:

    You did great this year, should be so proud of yourself 💪💪💪

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