Sleepless night and random thoughts

It’s 3am sth, I’ve been trying to close my eyes to fall into sleep, but just can’t. Maybe due to drinking too much milktea during the day lol. I’ve been heavily sick for the past 5 days. So sick that I spent 10-12 hrs/day for sleeping, the rest time was basically lying on bed and doing nothing in particular. Time is precious, time is gold – I know the value of time… but look at how I am spending my time. What a shame.

I just moved to D2. Yup it means I said goodbye to the beloved apartment I had been living for the last 3 yrs. Sometimes life needs some changes 🙂

I’ve been learning Chinese since Jan. This might be one of the rightest decision in 2018 lol. At the beginning I didn’t believe that I could learn by myself that well. My Hong Kong-China trip was so smooth thanks to my language ability =))

I’ve been jobless for 2 months. Yup, 2 months passed in a blink of the eyes. The first half of 2018 sucks. I lost things that I used to think they’re everything to me, things that I used to be very proud of. “Nothing lasts forever” – it’s somehow true, at least for me. So much tears during the last months and only closed ones see and know how vulnerable I am. I still functioned like a normal human being but deep down inside I wasn’t okay at all. I’m get used to it. Noone is ever responsible for my situation but myself. I can just easily blame anyone for my unhappinese but in the end of the day, the only person responsible for my life is ONLY myself. I get to choose how I see things, how to react things and how I value things.

Got a new offer but still being tossed between taking the job and doing my own business with Go India. “One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you’ll remember”-yeah it’s so true yet easier said than done. I love doing trips and can show off my strengths/abilities when doing so.

I’m so jealous with those who find their passion in life, get clear path for their future and have courage to step forward. So funny to hear a person in late 20 saying this lol. I’ve been working in garment industry for 5 years, clearly knowing that I’m not really into this field but, still continue to work. 3 companies (soon to be 4) in 2 years is not sth to proud of, honestly. The only reason I stay is that I’m scared to throw that 5-year time, scared to start all over again as a junior in new field. I just don’t know if I have enough courage to do and how long can I maintain my passion.

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  1. Thanh Thao nói:

    Wish you all the strength in mind and physically day to day living to make right decision, or, as somebody said, make your decision right! Take a good care of yourself, too.
    Hope to see some good news in your upcoming posts chị nhé 🙂 #gogirl #withdetermination #youwillthrive

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thisisngao nói:

      Thank em nhìu thật nhìu nha. Good things take time, mong là chị (và cả em nữa) có đủ kiên trì để làm đến cùng để biết hết dc potential của mình <3.

      Số lượt thích

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