I’m Nhung. Welcome to my little world ^.^

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This blog is mainly about my travelling sharing. I hope this site could somehow help you to get visa smoothly, draw you travelling plans effectively, and more importantly, eat the most delicious foods wherever you go. Most posts are written in Vietnamese, sometimes I use English too :)).

Here are the regions I’ve written, all are based on my personal experience: Europe, IndiaJapanKoreaTaiwanASEAN and my beautiful Vietnam.

Besides, I also write about random stuffs, such as how to have a healthy skinwhite teethmy orthodontist experiencephoto-taking tipsfood reviews or sometimes just random thoughts. Keep calm and discover!!

THIS-IS-NGAO, dịch ra là TỚ-LÀ-NGAO, ko phải THI-SĨ-NGAO nhaaaaa, sao nhiều người đọc nhầm vậy :))))))))).

a pic of me in Singapore, 2017

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